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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Good Writers

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Good Writers Are Reader Friendly

A good writer, in my opinion, is
reader friendly, not trying to
prove how many technical words
he/she knows and grammatically

A good writer's work is reader
friendly, and the title not only
pulls attention but holds it.
Good writers unveil one point at
a time to readers. Points are
messy when other ideas and thoughts
are sprinkled in.

Good writers inspire readers to
react. Like:


"It put me asleep."

"I'd like to give that writer a
piece of my mind."

Responses to good writing varies.
The writer's goal is to get a

Writers, from time to time, research
subjects. During the course of research,
writers come across technical words.
It's nice to learn new words, and
interesting as a new topic is appreciated.
However, the process of discovering
technical words is more stimulating
for researchers than readers.

Most people would prefer to skip the
look-up every other word as they read
step. A good writer speaks to the
reader, or the reader comes-away with
"that" feeling.

A good writer isn't trying to prove
anything. Simply, he/she is providing
information to readers that's
grammatically correct.

A good writer will make grammatical
errors, because few get every word
perfect in a writing project. The
editing process is done more than
once to handle them.

Readers will move on to the next
writer if his/her reading pleasure
is interrupted by grammatical
errors, every third or fourth word.

It's very important to slice-away
grammatical errors. Grammatical
errors, too, mark writers as amateurs.

A good writer's work is inviting,
isn't shouting, "I'm smart" and
without grammatical errors.

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