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Monday, April 11, 2011

The Thrown Around Word

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Don't Let The "C" Word Be Pushed
On You











In life, you'll be asked to
compromise, no matter if right
or wrong. The word is thrown
around when people tire of
talking, looking for
solutions or doing what is

Often, people pull-out the word,
compromise, when they feel
talking will not help toward
their goal. Look at some of
the excuses used for not talking
it out.

"You can't talk to her.

"I don't have time for this."

"He won't listen."

Webster's Dictionary defines
compromise as a settlement, each
side makes concessions.

In reality, one side usually
compromises more than the other.
One side receives more.

Don't allow yourself to be pushed
into a compromise unnecessarily.
Be on the look-out for those who
make it a practice compromising
when talking is just as effective.
These are people who after doing
wrong still can't get their way,
and pull-out the "C" word.

Every possible solution should be
exhausted before compromising. It's
an exercise in human communication.
A giving and exchanging of
information is healthy, mentally

The solving of a problem takes effort,
adult behavior. The universe is
stuffed full of answers. It's simply
a matter of finding the right one.
If you're passionate about the
problem, you'll find an answer.

People who are wrong and want to
appear right will urge you to
compromise. If you're right, why

Finally, really listen when people
are rushing you to compromise.
Determine if it's right for you.

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