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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Memorable Characters

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Interesting Fictional Characters

Memorable fictional characters must
be interesting and believable.
Writers must know major characters
to tell attention grabbing stories.
It's impossible to engage readers
if your creative flow isn't excited,
or you don't know major characters.

The discussion here is major characters
only. They, for the most part, move
the story forward, because their
choices matter.

A major character's trait, quality,
that's repeated creates memorable

Let's profile a memorable character.

A hacker, for example, stole his/her
way into bank employment. The character
accessed computers to gain entry into
college, free pizza he/she tried to buy
college friends with and show-off.

The act of hacking is repeated, even
while working at the bank. The hacker
will be caught as he/she transfers
small accounts of money into an account.

The character's profile includes all
information about characters.

Profiles has the hacker's name, for
example: Toby Blake. What are his/her
mannerisms, flaws and attributes?

The hacker goes too far. The character
wants people to think he/she is smarter
than everyone else.

What does his/her eyes, face, look like?
Perhaps, his/her face is skinny, narrow
eyes. He/she has a hunch-back.

How does the character talk? Socialize?
Dress? What's his/her reaction to staring?
He/she wobbles, limps or walks fast?

The character that hacks talks fast.
He/she wants to appear smart, and
dislikes being stared at.

What are his/her strengths, weaknesses
and ambitions?

The character's major weaknesses are
hacking and thinking he/she is smarter
than others. His/her strength is knowing
how to steal into computers.

How does he/she treat people? The character,
hacker, is always trying to dig information
out of people, in hopes that it'll lead to
interesting hacking. In reality, the
character knows no one will like him/her
without the hacking ability.

Look-over your character profiles. Do you
need to add more to the profile? Take away
information? Is the character interesting
to you? Or, is your creative flow ignited?

If you feel a character's profile wouldn't
help make him/her memorable, stop. Save
that character's profile for another tale.
Start a new profile with a different character.

Finally, memorable characters must be
attention grabbing, believable and a
profile helps reach that goal.

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