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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Anxiety: Sandy Hook

Have a question? Agree, disagree, with me? Leave me your opinion. The Sandy Hook tragedy can spark feelings of anxiety, not only for them but, for others looking at the unfolding circumstances. The Sandy Hook tragedy will re-ignite sadness, grief, that has happened and thought forgotten in a life. The healing process takes time, and what is required to function normally is different for each person. Anxiety is excessive worrying. People filled with anxiety tend to expect a tragedy, or the worse to happen. Life for an individual with anxiety is full of fear. Manage anxiety by pushing yourself back into a normal routine. Move at a pace that's comfortable for you. Don't allow anyone to rush you, or drag you in the wrong direction. Manage anxiety by writing about your experience. A journal, blog or note-book works well. The act of writing glides you forward, because writing is therapeutic. Manage anxiety by exercising. Take a walk. Maybe, relax with yoga. A puzzle is another option. Don't forget to pray. Seek-out health-care professionals to manage anxiety, if necessary. Anxiety, tragedy, happens in life, but there are ways to manage it. Get back into a normal routine, write about it, exercise, pray and seek-out health-care professionals are a few ways to manage anxiety.
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