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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Make Time for Writing

Make time for writing is next to impossible when you're multi-tasking from sun-up to sun-down. Still, you have a deadline, want to get back into writing or just have the writing need. Writers, passionate or not, stumble through their schedules to pick-out a writing time. Let's look at ways to make time for writing.

Write Where You Are

Slice away a few minutes to jot down a writing idea when you're in the car, boat or on a coat.  The goal is to write down enough of an idea to later spin-out a writing project. Capture a clear idea while in the moment, because time will erase away specifics.   

  • Close your surroundings out and write.
  • Become one with the writing idea and you'll need less time with it.
  • Hear and see only the writing idea, if only for several minutes.
Sift Through Your Life

 Make time for writing can be stopped by too much socializing, for example. Sift through your life to find out what else is distracting you from writing. Remove activities that are hampering you from reaching your writing goals.
  • Cut-back on the time(s) that you socialize.
  • Fill your time with writing related tools to help you succeed.
  • Grow into writing by experimenting with it.
Own Your Writing Goal

It's not enough to tell yourself that you want to write, or mumble it to the World. Look at the words: "I'm a writer." Say them out-loud. Practice saying them. Own your writing goal with actions. How? There are ways to own your writing goals.
  • Writing on a regular basis is a writer's action.
  • Make time for writing when family and friends have other plans for you. 
  • Develop your voice by writing.
Learn to Say No

The above title can't be written or said enough. It's a must to comprehend and do.  Why? You'll be dragged to some place, this event or the other activity. It's stressful and tiring. The results are your goal(s) of writing is left-out. You can learn to say no. Try the following.
  • I have other plans.
  • I'm just too tired.
  • Writing is waiting for me.
Make time for writing is a choice as with anything else in life. It, often, requires removing obstacles out of your life which is preventing success. A goal  is worth-while and demands determination. Practice using the word no. You can be polite when using the word. Practice, practice and practice some more. 


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