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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Blank Mind

A blank mind stomps-out creativity, and will find any thread of anxiety you have about writing. The anxiety then balloons, you feel worse and creativity falls asleep. You may not have been aware of it. The situation balloons more as the fact that a dead-line looms. What can you do to spark writing ideas?

- - Take a deep breath.
- - Don't force creativity.
- - Type any word.

The act of writing will stimulate your creativity. In other words, "be writing". You can, even, pick a word from a project-in-progress. Or, select a word from the project lurking in the crevice of your mind. The word may be one you identify with or not.

- - Write the next word playing around your mind. 
- - Try the word, writing project.
- - Make note of writing ideas as they occur.

Are you having trouble deciding on a word? Work with more than one word. The goal is to ignite writing ideas. The act of jotting down a word(s) is called free writing. Its job is to stir-awake your creativity. Free writing stuffs a blank mind with writing ideas. The following are words to consider. 

- - Summer day.
- - Going green.
- - Tumbling up.

Perhaps, you prefer meaningful words. Use the words you connect more with. It's possible an essay about a college moment or Summer session holds interest for you. An article on beach attire is promising. One last idea is on a specific day... How will you end the sentence?

- - Thunder boomed before it happened.
- - The front door flew open
- - it was dubbed "Summer Crime."

Many businesses, still, can use tips on "going green." Research offers the helpful information needed to write articles. 

- - Start small. 
- - Announce the change in meetings.
- - Involve employees each step of the way.

Finally, there's no excuse for writers to have a blank mind. Use this post to curtail it before your creativity is zapped.

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