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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Writer's Block


Writer's block can't bully, taunt or stop me from writing. I poo-poo the wanna-be thief of possible word master-pieces, or interesting as well as helpful information that I can produce. You can too. I'm not in fear of it. Why not? Every circumstance or issue can provide writing ideas. Also, there are techniques to stomp out writer's block, and it'll never return.

1. Think about an issue or problem you have or had.
2. What have you learned from it?
3. Could the lesson be shared in an article, blog post, or book?
4. Or, select an area from the problem to write about. 

I stared upon this technique. I sat down to write, but my creative flow didn't have the usual energy on this particular day. Normally, I can't get the words down fast enough. Sometimes, I have to scribble a writing idea down that's unrelated to what I'm writing about. 

- - Get comfortable.
- - Set in place everything you'll need.
- - Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.
- - Below are techniques to write pass writer's block.

I call this technique Game to Topple Writer's Block. The game should be tailor fitted to you. Re-arrange or change the game to suit you. One try may not excite your creative flow. Still, don't give up. This game works.

1. Pick any word.
2. Select one letter from the word.
3. Any letter within the word.
4. First, second or any letter.

The word snack grabbed my eyes. My letter is K. K can be spun into fiction, non-fiction or poems. A story idea pops into my mind about a character named Kamack. I'd have to create a profile on him before building a story around his tale.

- - K stirred into non-fiction is research on kangaroos. 
- - The habitat of kangaroos, for example.
- - There's no limitations on which direction you'll go.
- - Follow up on your writing ideas from this post.

Writing Inspiration

Things inspire from any place. It can be a train, plane or in the lane. A muse may or may not grab your attention, but peel away what inspires you. Stir it together as you sprinkle in your creative flow. The writing process begins (

1. The beaming sun has possibilities. 
2. An eye-catching headline.
3. Researched topics.
4. An antique chair.


Write-A-Cise (, often, begins with one thought and ends with new writing ideas. It works with old and current writing ideas too. How?

- - Select a word, phrase or line related to a subject.
- - Write about the word, phrase or line.
- - Focus on the clever, unique or helpful aspect of the subject. 
- - Just write.
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