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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Inspired Free Writing

Inspired free writing is free writing taken to the next level. Free writing is writing down whatever ignites your creative flow. The goal is to weed-out writer's block as well as have writing ideas available when needed. The session is used for a writing project struggling, any idea wanted or your creativity longs for inspiration. Apply it to non-fiction, poems or fiction.

The session happens in an area that you've carved into a writing station. It can be on a plane, in the rain or riding fast trains. Write for, at least, two hours. Preferably, your station is situated where no one will disturb you. 

You've worked on a writing project that, at first, excited your creativity. Now, the writing project isn't near half finished. What's worse? The project has become boring. Two questions play-over in your mind.

"Why did I pick this topic?" You asked out-loud. "What was I thinking?"

This is where inspired free writing becomes the tool to use. Select words from the writing project that interested you initially. Write about the word throwing sparks at your creativity. Jot down each word. Simply, write. 

You, too, can pick a word from your writing project for inspiration. Scribble down words that come to mind. You may prefer to look-up words or phrases from the writing project for new appeal. Words previously written can be added to new words. A word off the top of my head is over-the-top. Over was an old word with two other words added.

Peel away a word from your writing project, or any attention grabbing word(s). Add new meaning to the word using each letter. Take a look at a random example. 

B  ouncing
A  longside
L  ingering
L  abor

Inspired free writing means using bouncing, alongside, lingering or labor in a writing project. Your creative side decides which direction to go. Explore to see which path suits your writing project(s). 

Perhaps, you have writer's block. You're searching for writing ideas. Write down the words or any word. Come-up with words and phrases. I'll work with the word writers.

W  acky

R  oad

I  n

T  he

E  xtreme acts of

R  anting from the

S  uggestive one

The words are avenues to new topics and subjects. Extreme acts is promising as a title. Mix and change words to tailor your writing needs.

Inspired free writing tickles your creative flow into producing. Let's work with words from the above paragraph. Is there a road named Wacky? A writing idea is to research and spin it into non-fiction. Your creativity wants inspiration? Stir-up fiction with the words wacky rode. Expose the funny but strange goings on in such a community. One more suggestion is your opinion about the campaign rode for Hillary Clinton, or one of the other candidates. This method is a writer's tool that opens-up new writing possibilities.

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