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Monday, May 4, 2015

Writing Inspiration

Writing inspiration awakens your creative ability. Some refer to it as a muse, that which ignites, fuels, you to write word master-pieces. It awaits specifically for you, because you're the only one who can appreciate it. A muse cheers you on.

Muse stirs-up your creative power. It comes from any direction to inspire only you. No one else will see it like you, or experience it in the same way. You'll recognize your muse the moment it arrives. How will your muse arrive? 

1. Scents from the past.
2. "That" song.
3. A rhyme.
4. Spoken words.

People are filled with emotions and mannerisms for writing inspiration. Each is unique to his or her own way of doing and perceiving. Scoop up a large helping by doing the following. You don't have to do anything out of the ordinary.

1. Observe people.
2. Listen to speech patterns.
3. Take notes on mannerisms.
4. Pin-point gestures.

Places are interesting back-drops to inspire writing. A certain place from memory or history can be the trigger to a new genre, or a fascinating tale. It, too, has the potential of being "the one" that takes you to a new level.

1. A building from your past.
2. Some place in a movie.
3. An odd looking wall.
4. Strange interior.

Things inspire from any place. It can be a train, plane or in the lane. A muse may or may not grab your attention, but peel away what inspires you. Stir it together as you sprinkle in your creative flow. The writing process begins.

1. The beaming sun has possibilities. 
2. An eye-catching headline.
3. Researched topics.
4. An antique chair.

The last words are that writing inspiration lives everywhere and anywhere. There isn't a limit to where it's found. Simply, observe. You'll always have writing ideas, and your muse could expose itself.

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