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Friday, April 20, 2007


Look around the room you are sitting in.
Write down the name of whatever your
eyes saw first.

Cartridge first jumped into my eyes,
actually ink cartridge.

I am going to work with the word,
cartridge. Turn each letter into a
word. Use the first words that comes
to mind.

C becomes call
A bounces into apple
R melts into range
T turns into Trevor
R equals Reilly
I sneaks in
D rolls out dark
G means gone
E points to empty

Use one or all the words to get your
creative juices flowing. Start writing.
It does not matter what path your
writing takes.

My words are: call, apple, range,
Trevor, Reilly, in, dark, gone, and

A story idea follows.

Trevor and Reilly stormed into
the dark, empty house. All four
burners blazed on the range.

"Mom." Trevor clicked on

"She not here," Reilly said.

My idea can emerge as a short
story, or book length project.

I spun the words into a free
verse poem.

Two boys
came home
dark empty
cold house
calling mom
who was
nowhere to
be found

There are no limits to where
the word game will take you.
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