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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tap It

You look at your fingers on the desk, and
outloud said, "I'm out of subjects to write

There are endless topics to explore.
It does not matter if history facts
excites your curiosity, law stimulates
your brain, or a fascination with the
care of animals paws at you. Simply,
tap it.

Gather information about it from
a local library, or search engine
like Google.

Not long ago, for example, I
stumbled across some interesting
town names.

Cookie, Oklahoma
It was rumored a store owner
gave a child a cookie, and the
young child called it cookie-
town. So, residents kept the

Intercourse, Pennsylvania
There are speculations that
two famous roads met there,
or language use during the
early days formed its name,
or it centers around a race

Story Idea? Essay? Non-fiction/
fiction? Any or all information
can be turned into ideas.

My story idea: A pampered
child cried if not allowed to
have a cookie after dinner
until grandmother spent the

An essay, perhaps, on how
the village Intercourse,
Pennsylvania fellowships.

What is repeat offender?
Read over your answer, and
then pull-out an essay, or
chapter start.

Do you have a pet? Like a
particular animal? Write
about it. Let your imagination
run free. Edit later.

In conclusion, there are no
shortage of topics waiting
for you to tap.
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She'd critique titles, paragraphs, news reports, that no one submitted to her. She'd stop herself, eventually. Marcella Glenn seemed to be enjoying the act of writing. This is how she knew writing was more than a hobby.

Let it be a lesson in your life too. Is writing calling your name? Or, acting? Teaching? Are you interested in engineering? Have the courage to go for your dreams. Simply, believe in yourself.

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