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Thursday, November 29, 2007

How To Re-Cycle Writing

"I didn't know you could do that."
Someone said.

We write fiction, non-fiction, and, even,
apply for writing related jobs. The
editing process will force us to pull-out
paragraphs, sentences, and, sometimes,
whole pages.

The words, for one reason or another,
fall short of blending in with a
current work. However, the same
verb(s), cluster of words, will
inspire, bring to life, another
project. There is no need to
throw away anything. Save them
for a different day, or stir them
into a new article, story.

Let's look at one of my rejections.
No, it didn't make the cut.

Parenting is one of the most rewarding,
loving, relationships. In my opinion,
it is wise to be consistent. Yes,
routines can be changed for a very
good reason.

Babies, mothers too, tend to be less
cranky, fussy, if they nap. Babies
should sleep each day, at the same time.
Most things, in life, are easier when you
do it on a regular basis, and napping is no

"What if the baby refuses to nap?" You asked.

Playing with the baby will help settle him/her.
A game of peek-a-boo grabs the baby's attention.
Opening and closing the arms, gently, stops
the tears. Move the baby's legs in a bicycling
motion to calm.

Personally, I found just talking to babies
quiets them. I mean regular words, in a low
tone. A favorite toy can never hurt. Music
can ease restlessness.

"What do I do when the baby wakes up fussy?"
Someone asked.

Like us, baby has bad moments.

Pick the baby up. Ask what's wrong. Start a
conversation if he/she has been fed and changed.
Try rocking. You relax too.

It has been my experience some babies are
fussier than others, under the same conditions.
So, do not get upset.

Babies sense when you are stressed...

Several fiction ideas dawned with the
above article. The first was, Baby
Strikes Back.

The story centers around a two-year-old.
Odd occurrences happen in the house when
she cries.

"What's wrong, Susie?" Mrs. Blake
asked her two-year-old toddler.

A plate jumped-out of the sink onto
the floor.

The baby quieted. Mrs. Blake cleaned
up the plate.

Around nap-time, for no reason, the
baby became fussy. She cried. Her
mother rocked her, sang, but nothing
soothed her.

She carried her out of the kitchen.
Mrs. Blake reached the entrance when
a chair slid across the floor.

Mrs. Blake hurried upstairs to call
her husband.

The story idea can twist and turn
down any path. The only limitation
is my imagination.

Here is a second idea that popped
into my mind. A child's eye color
changes when he plays peek-a-boo.
They fade back to the original
color within seconds.

"Peek-aboo, I see you." Mrs.
Blake said to the twin, Todd.

She covered his eyes, said it
again, and took the child's
hands away.

She screamed, because his eyes
were a different shade.

Was it the lighting in the room?
Perhaps, only Mrs. Blake could
see the color change? Or, is
there another explanation? Is
there something strange about
the house they live in?

In closing, find a place to
store all unused words. Refer
to them for a catchy title,
story idea, or article start.
It is possible to create poems
from some of your discarded work.
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