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Monday, November 26, 2007

How To Turn Ideas Into Fiction

"I heard writing ideas are everywhere." You said.
"Still not sure how to turn one into a story."

Ideas for writing come from living life. Look
at your life. Pick-out any event or situation to
write about. Remember, change actual names,
places, and exact likenesses.

"Why not write like it was?" Someone questioned.

It is best, right, to get people's signature in regard
to writing about them. Some may want to forget
the incident, prefer it not be known by present
company, or any number of reasons for not sharing
the details of a situation. Write about it, without
permission, can end you up in litigation.

Did something happen at the market? Someone
eased up, but you turned in the opposite direction
before your hand-bag was snatched? You were
about to pick-up a twenty-dollar bill at the entrance,
but someone else grabbed it.

Perhaps, a co-worker started a rumor about you,
or someone else. Your favorite team lost the
game. You were planning how to spend the
money. Now, you have to find a way to
replace the thousands you advanced yourself,
from work.

Let's work with the funds from work idea.

Start the action immediately.

"Whatcha doing, Tom?" Jeff stared at Tom
closing the wall safe.

"I'm a partner, and shouldn't be questioned
like a common thief."

"Just thought Phil handled the funds."

Tom stormed through the door.

Take any idea, throw in characters, confusion,
problem(s), and you're writing fiction.

Of course, Tom found himself at the
gambling table, which put him in more
debt, trouble.

His business partner, Jeff, hired a private
investigator. The PI uncovered kick-backs,
and Tom, even, had been helping himself
to employee benefits.

There are endless directions to go with

A rumor is started as a joke. Only,
it gets out of hand.

"You live out of your car, Pearl?" Sammi

"What are you talkin' 'bout?"

"Everyone knows."

Pearl walked away.

The tension builds over the next few days.

How would you finish it?

You are about to walk into the market. You
notice the money, but someone grabs it.

The character can make a scene, or continue
into the store. What do you think?

Someone approaches. She is on the side
where your hand-bag rests against a shoulder.
Your eye caught an item on sale, forced you
to move out of harm's way.

Small situations in life can explode on the
page through interesting writing.

I speak from experience. My novel, Grave
Street House, was based on a former place
of employment. Yes, I fictionalized it. The
writing of it was therapeutic too. It helped
me to see issues clearer. I was able to
attribute the whole horrible encounter up to,
life happens. I had no idea that scribbling
down my life's crisis would impact me in
such a way.

In closing, take stressful moments in life,
happy ones too, and write about them.
You may find that writing, about them, has
the added benefit of healing.

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