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Monday, March 9, 2015


Write-A-Cise is a free writing exercise. It's scribbling down words, phrases or sentences that your creative flow wants to share. Simply, write. Write-A-Cise is used for writing non-fiction, fiction and poems. The writing exercise uncovers your creativity.

Let's get started. Take a look around where you are. Scan for a writing idea. The room, car, trailer, cabin, house, attic or basement waits with writing ideas. Ask some questions.

- - What's different about the living space?
- - Uniqueness?
- - Would others be interested in reading about it?
- - What happened in it, or how did you make it more liveable?

A step-by-step guide to building a shelf, for example.

- - The how-to of replacing a floor.
- - A cheaper way to put together an office holds promise.
- - How used items helped you save money?

Stop. Look toward any corner in the room. What do you see? My eyes ran to the window. Stir creative flow into the mix. I carved-out the following.

- - I yawned several times as wind driven snow danced outside. My clock beamed 3:03 a. m.

"Take today off." A voice in the depths of my mind said.

- - I splashed back onto the bed and wondered if Darkid would execute his threats against my employer, Burger Mart.
- - Darkid worked every position at Burger Mart, even the manager's job. What happened to turn Darkid on Burger Mart is anyone's guess. What secrets were he talking about?

- - My buzzing cell phone broke into my thoughts, and the caller was Darkid.

"Don't do it, Darkid."


"Everybody heard your threats."

He laughed. The line went dead.

My creative flow mixed window into paragraphs of fiction, to move in any direction. Non-ficion or writing of any choice could've been sprinkled into interesting writing.

Write-A-Cise, often, begins with one thought and ends with new writing ideas. It works with old and current writing ideas too. How?

- - Select a word, phrase or line related to a subject.
- - Write about the word, phrase or line.
- - Focus on the clever, unique or helpful aspect of the subject. Or, just write.

In conclusion, sit the writing project aside when you're done. Return in a day or two. You'll be refreshed and ready to write with new ideas. Write-A-Cise is the writing exercise that uses your living-space to inspire writing.

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