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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Writing Soothes like Hugging

Writing soothes like hugging. How? They are a form of communication. Although, hugging is non-verbal. Writing and hugging can serve as therapy. Writing and hugging stirs-up good feelings. Hugging is good for the heart, lowers blood pressure and relieves stress, according to the experts. A hug from yourself works well too. Writing therapy ( helps you understand experiences and/or behaviors in the after-math. Write down your thoughts and fears. Writing ushers in clarity and moves you on. Let's start the process.

1. Write down all details.
2. Keep writing until it gets uncomfortable.
3. Facts can be hard to face.
4. Return tomorrow.

Change arrives as you practice and understand what happened. Look at your behavior written by you. Sometimes, it's easier to read small amounts at a time. Stop when it becomes too much. Take your time through the process.

1. Let a few days pass.
2. Re-read your account.
3. Jot down the incident as an observer.
4. Do as much as you can.

Give yourself a hug. Relax. Wait for the hug to soothe you before writing. A hug gives you a chance to calm down. Take care of anything that you need to prior to the writing therapy session. Bring some water? Perhaps, tissues.

1. A hug settles you.
2. Your stress level goes down.
3. Hugging boosts the immune system. 
4. It encourages a good feeling.

Return for a new session on a different day. The problem or issue you're working with using writing therapy is the focus of discomfort. This is the time to address it and move on with your life. Remember, take your time. Writing therapy is an option for traditional health-care, not a replacement.

1. Write down specific concerns.
2. Expose your issues as reactions to others involved.
3. Select different actions on your part.
4. The actions picked can only be what's within your control.

A fact to consider: The person (s) that you associate with is a bad choice. There will always be confrontations if the company you keep clash with you and your goals. It's important to be mindful of the people that you surround yourself with.

1. Positive thinking people are good choices.
2. People who are like minded tend to fit well.
3. It isn't wise to pal-around with people who throw around chaos.
4. Look for people that inspire.

Writing soothes like hugging as you relax and motivation arrives. Don't wait for someone to hug you. Hug yourself. Warning: Never surprise hug anyone, even if you've hugged the person before. Get a person's permission to hug him/her. It's called respect. Which statement describes your hug?

1. Grab and squeeze (Bear hug).
2. Barely touch (Shy hug).
3. Arms length (Not sure hug).
4. Shift side-to-side and say, "hug-hug" (Hollywood hug).

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