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Friday, August 21, 2009

Health-Care: An Observation

Have a question? Agree, disagree,
with me? Leave me your opinion.

"Don't kill grandma!"

"I voted for reform."

"What is he talking about?"

I'm sure you've seen, heard,
other comments about
President Obama's health-
care plan.

Stop. Listen to what the
President is saying, and
push fear to the curb.

"If you like your private
insurance, you get to
keep it." President
Obama said, several

The confusion is
boomer-ranging from
people who aren't
paying attention to
President Obama's

As we all know, a change
is needed.

It's been a practice
for conservative talk
show hosts, lobbyists,
to flame doubts of the
afraid, confused.

The public's fears
are blown-up, pushed
at us online. The
media neon-lights it on
radio, television.
The bigger the protest,
the more people watch,
listen, and they get
higher ratings.

We, the people, tend
to add our fears without
getting to the truth.

A talk show host, media,
hints at a statement made
by President Obama.

It isn't necessarily true,
because a talk show host
said it, for example. The
next step is word-of-mouth

After you understand
President Obama's
health-care plan, give
your opinion. Make
informed comments,

"All those protesters
can't be wrong." You
pointed out.

It takes one to
start chaos,
and others will

Yes, a group, protesters,
can be wrong. Often,
people, protesters, can be

Don't hide behind
the current health-
care system, or
blanket yourself
in the status quo.

The current health-
care system will
continue to spiral

Instead of repeating
what others say,
find out the truth
about President
Obama's health-care
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