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Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Senses: How To Write With Them?

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with me? Leave me your opinion.


The senses are touch,
taste, hear, smell, and

The body's sense of touch
allows one to glide one's
hand, finger, over an object
or surface. One can feel
the coolness, warmth,
or how smooth, rough,
it is.

Likewise, two objects
can be compared
through touch.


The mouth is the gate-way
to taste. The texture, flavor,
of food, drink, is realized
through the mouth.

This experience is
called taste. You
determine whether or not
it's pleasing, like-able.


The act of hearing
comes through the ears.
Sounds and language
are filtered to one's


The nose is the agent that
picks up fragrances, odors.
Some smells are more
pleasant than others.


The eyes are the vehicle
for sight. Sight allows us
to see the world around us.

Writing With The Senses

I'm going to use one sense
at a time to write with.

Let's start with the
sense of touch.

Find an object to
touch. Run your
hand across it, turn
it over. Is it heavy?

Write down everything
you can about it.

My Object--Phone

I have a mobile phone
in my hand. Now, I can
write fiction or non-fiction.

Possible Essay

Mobile phones changed
the way we communicate,
our social life, and started...

I can write a short story
revolving around the
mobile phone.

Fiction Start

"I looked for two days,
and couldn't find my
cell." Mary explained to

"When did you have it last?"

"The night we went out with
your cousin."

"No way..."

The next sense is taste.

Taste can be researched,
and taken in any direction.

Question: Why is taste one
of the senses? Hmm.

Your answer?

Fiction Idea

A tasting contest is given,
and someone dies. Accident?

Third Sense Listed

Sit quietly. Listen. What
is your sense of hearing
picking up?

Write about it.

The Fourth Sense

The sense of smell telling
you anything? Sniff.

Write about your findings.

The Last Sense

Look out of your window.
What do you see? People
scattered about? Kids
playing? A dog crossing the

Jot it down.

Write With The Five Senses

The Fire Truck (sight) raced
down the street, roared (hear)
as it went.

The stench (smell) of the burning
house attacked my nostrils, and
made me cough.

I stumbled, fell against the
truck (touch). I steadied myself,
headed home.

I entered my house, washed
my hands.

I grabbed a bottle of water out
of the refrigerator, sipped (taste)
it. My mouth filled with the odor
of burned material (taste).

Was it my imagination reacting
to my experience?

What are your thoughts?

In closing, the five senses
gives you many fun writing
ideas. Try it. Let me know
your results.
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