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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Social Network Attack: Twitter

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with me? Leave me your opinion.

"Twitter's down!"

"No more Twitter. Anyone

"Why Twitter?"

They were only a few
of the statements made
about Twitter's offline time.

All over the Internet, people
were hurt, outraged, about
the attack on Twitter.

Have people allowed their
lives to be ruled by Twitter?
No, addicted to Twitter?

Is this a comment on how
technology influences present
day lives?

Shortly after I started
tweeting, the web site
pushed me to write better.

Writers tend to be chatty, and
Twitter forces one to be precise.
It has over-lapped into other
writing areas.

Still, Twitter is a social
network. I keep it in

Naturally, life, what exists
within it must be taken in
small amounts. Twitter or
any web site shouldn't
dominate one's life.

Or, if one selects to immerse
into a social media web site,
maintain a balance.

There's no need to panic.
Twitter lives.

An idea is to jot down
what you'll say when
you return to Twitter.

It was more than one attack
according to Kazuhiro
Gomi, an officer at NTT
American Hosting Services,
which hosts Twitter's Services.

Twitter went offline due
to spam, e-mails, the
first time.

The denial of service
attack happened next.
Hackers pointed lots
of computers to the
Twitter web site. It
stopped legitimate
traffic from connecting
to the web site.

The Twitter web site
is used by many people,
businesses, celebrities,
and news services.

Twitter isn't just used for
expressing personal details
of one's life, but to get insights
about celebrities. World news
is shared on Twitter.

The attacker of Twitter hasn't
been caught, and held
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