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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Successful Article Writing: The Secret

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In the age of multi-tasking,
everything has to be done

The secret to writing
a successful article
is to have a compiled
list to pick from.

Scan through writing
ideas you haven't had
the nerve to tackle.

Don't forget the ideas
that came across your
path during the day.

The list is researched
before you sit down
to write. All ideas
are researched to see
which idea is best to
write about.

"What do you mean
which researched idea is
best to write about?"
You asked.

I'm referring to the idea
that excites you, your
imagination. Is there an
idea that has mass appeal?
Pick that idea.

If there is more than
one idea that's interesting,
select the one you like
best. Save the others
for a later date.

Make an outline for
the article.

"What should the outline
include?" You pondered.

An outline includes the
headline, introduction,
body, and it concludes.
A link-resource paragraph
is added too.


The headline should be
five to seven words
long. Its job is to
grab the reader's


Second, the introduction
is displayed. The problem,
issue, you'll address is

It's an accepted
practice to share
an experience you've
had with the problem,


Third, the body gives
solutions to the problem,
issue, you mentioned in
the introduction.

Walk the reader through

Each point is made in
different paragraphs. If
there are seven points, for
example, your article has
seven paragraphs.

Sub-headings are

"Why?" You questioned.

It's easier to read for a
society who multi-tasks.
Sometimes, specific
information is required,
and sub-headings will make
it clearer, faster to find.

Also, people prefer to
read what applies to them,
and not the entire piece.


Fourth, the conclusion
restates the main points
of your article.

Link-Resource Paragraph

Lastly, a link-resource
paragraph mentions your
URL, or other information
you want to share with the


It's best to write your
article as if talking
to a friend, informal. Leave
technical terms out where
possible. Or, technical
words should be scattered
throughout the article.

Leave The Article Alone

After the article is written,
leave it alone. Take a
break from it.

A three-to-five day vacation
away from your article
will allow you to come
back refreshed.


You return to your
article looking for
weak verbs, words
taking up space, and
grammatical errors.
Always spell-check more
than once.

The secret to a successful
article is to have a
thought-out idea, outline,
link it back to your web
site, and edit.
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