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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Help With Comma Usage

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How To Use Commas
Comma usage is misunderstood and
at times over-used.The correct
usage of commas will help you
write better hubs, blogs,
non-fiction, fiction and business
projects. This hub will supply
some answers to the right and
wrong ways of common usage.

Commas are used after introductory
words, clauses or phrases. Look-over
the examples.

1. The Center turned-down the program,
and staff members applauded.

2. Their parents insisted, they
washed the car clean on try three.

3. On July 4th, Mira was born.

Commas separate two sentences
connected by and, but, or, for,
yet, nor or so.

1. I lost Mike's cell number,
and no one else had it.

2. I would have gone to the party,
but I couldn't find the house.

3. Joe fell-out the window, or
was pushed.

Commas separate items in a list.

1. The cats laid around, curled-up,
one snored and they woke-up when
it was time to eat.

2. Being candles, paper cups,
plastic spoons and ginger-ale.

3. The game took them two blocks
north, three streets south, cross
a river and through the woods.

Commas set-off groups of words at
the beginning of a sentence.

1. Without money for rent, the
family was forced to move.

2. The month of January supplied
tons of snow, we made a snow-person
for the first time.

3. Because his gun had no bullets,
he couldn't fire.

Commas come into play after a
person's name.

1. Bill, take the dog for a walk.

2. Sally, who called.

3. Rose, you had several messages.

On using commas with quotation
marks. Use a comma after said as
a direct quotation is introduced.

1. Larry said, "I have to buy some

2. Brenda said, "Not this time."

3. "Listen, he said, "I'm not going
to repeat myself."

Let's look at when comma usage isn't

Common Error: A comma used before the
conjunction at the end of a series
unless the meaning is confusing.

1. The United States provided shelter
to people from Britain, China and
varous other countries.

2. Terry, Judy and Valerie left for
the party.

3. Brian used blue, Sandy grabbed
green, and then Barb screamed for
the blue plus green.

Commas are used before quotation

1. "The gloves fell-out of my
pocket," Rala said.

2. "Maria ran through the red
light," Molly told the police.

3. "No way," he sneered.

The right usage of commas saves
time on writing projects.

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