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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

President Obama Talks Up Values in Libya Speech

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President Obama affirmed America's
responsibility as a world leader
to prevent atrocities Monday, as
he maintained why he authorized
intervention in Libya despite
critics' concerns with the cost of
military action and involvement
in another war.

"To brush aside America's
responsibility as a leader and,
more profoundly, our responsibilities
to our fellow human beings under
such circumstances would have been
a betrayal of who we are. Some
nations may be able to turn a blind
eye to atrocities in other countries.
The United States of America is
different. And as president, I refused
to wait for the images of slaughter
and mass graves before taking action,"
President Obama said at the National
Defense University in Washington, D.C.

Military action launched by the United
States that led the international
coalition was crucial and necessary
to stop Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi,
who is accused of using violence
against his own people, the President

"Innocent people were targeted for
killing. Hospitals and ambulances
were attacked," the president continued.
"Journalists were arrested, sexually
assaulted, and killed. Supplies of
food and fuel were choked off."

Obama explained that America's security
was not threatened, but the country's
"interests and values" were at risk.

Critics have complained that the United
States should not use military
intervention or "police the world."

The American military cannot be deployed
"wherever repression occurs," President
Obama said.

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