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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Man Sues for Being Detained At The Airport

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Aaron Tobey, 21-year-old, is
the Virginia man who wrote an
abbreviated version of the
Fourth Amendment on his body
and stripped to his shorts at
an airport security screening
area is demanding $250,000 in
damages for being detained on
a disorderly conduct charge.

Tobey's civil rights lawsuit
maintains that in December he
was handcuffed, held for about
90 minutes by the Transportation
Security Administration at the
Richmond International Airport
after he removed his clothing
to show on his chest a magic
marker protest of airport
security measures.

"Amendment 4: The right of
the people to be secure against
unreasonable searches and seizures
shall not be violated," Tobey's
chest and stomach read.

The University of Cincinnati
student didn't want to go
through the advanced imaging
technology X-ray machines that
are at airports nationwide.
Rather, when it was his turn
to be screened, he was going
to pick the pat down while
taking-off most of his clothing.

Per the suit, while under
interrogation on December 30,
the authorities wanted to know
"about his affiliation with, or
knowledge of, any terrorist
organizations, if he had been
asked to do what he did by any
third party, and what his
intentions and goals were."

Tobey was on his way to Wisconsin
for his grandmother's funeral.
He made the flight.

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