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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Reveals His New State Budget

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In an effort to control the
collective bargaining rights of
most public workers, Wisconsin
Governor Scott Walker is scheduled
to reveal his new state budget
on Tuesday.

The spending plan is being displayed
as protesters enter a third week of
demonstrations at the state capitol,
and Democratic law-makers stay away.

The state's 14 Democratic senators
went to neighboring Illinois to stop
a quorum of 20 votes needed for a
budget repair bill that would require
public employees, with the exception
of police and firefighters, to cover
more of their retirement plans and
health care premiums.

The budget repair bill would apply to
the current spending plan, and limit
collective bargaining for wages. Any
pay increases beyond the rate of
inflation would be subject to voter

"There are plenty of states that do
not have collective bargaining,"
Republican Governor Scott Walker
stated Monday. "We have a right to do
this with the statutes and that's
what we're doing."

Union leaders agreed to pay more for
benefits, but resisted limiting
bargaining rights that the governor
argues is needed for meaningful
fiscal reforms.

The governor defended his budget
repair bill, said the measures are
needed to head off a $3.6 billion
budget gap by 2013 that could result
in thousands of layoffs.

The state faced a suggested Friday
deadline to balance the budget, but
the important date is March 16, per

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